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Why is Cooking Fascinating to me?

We take ingredients, sometimes few, sometimes many and create through our imagination and the laws of science.  We create through our senses using taste, smell, touch, visual and the most underrated sense, hearing.

We take these ingredients in their rawest form of protein in which we get from life forms that occupy this earth, from mammals to fish from the sea, mollusks, crustaceans and even amphibians.  Then there are birds in flight and birds that dwell on the ground, and their unborn young in the form of eggs.  We even go further than that by the use of a mother’s milk for sauces, baking and even as a cold beverage.

We combine these ingredients with vegetation, tubers, and fungi, grains, legumes and rice, the fruits of the tree, and the fruit of the vine which can put us in a euphoric state when it is turned into wine.

We season it with salt extracted from the sea.  We cut, slice, chop, filet, carve and butcher, then we braise, boil, bake, sauté, fry and grill these ingredients.

Finally we form, build and decorate our ingredients on a blank canvas, our finest china.  The right ingredients cooked at the proper temperature, with the proper time allotted will create and explosion of senses, from the beauty of the plate to the aromas, textures and taste.  The right ingredients will create conversations, smiles and even gossip.


Michael Greco

Chef / Owner Giulietta’s Catina Club

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